Sic bo – Asia’s Most Popular Casino Game

Sic bo – Asia’s Most Popular Casino Game

The world of casino games is vast. Every country has its own renowned casino game with its unique twist and style. However, the ones that emerge from Asia, have a very different flavor to it. For example ไฮโล or Sic bo in English. It is called by many other names such as tai sai and daisiu.

What is Sicbo?

 ไฮโล is a game of luck, originated in ancient China. Sic bo means ‘precious dice’ whereas both tai sai and daisiu are expressed as ‘big or small’. There are two English variants of the game called Chuck-a-luck and Grand hazard.

Sic bo is a very popular casino game in Asia and is generally played in various casinos all over Macau as daisiu and as hi-lo in the Philippines.

During the beginning of the 20th century, the game was introduced in the US by the Chinese immigrants. After many years in 2002, the game got legalized in different licensed casinos of the US.

How is the gameplay like?

There is a layout of this game, which is pretty unusual and the layout is laid on a table. The participating player places his or her bet on specific areas of that layout. Then the dealer pulls up a little chest that contains aa dice, which he or she shakes and then he or she opens that chest to show the combination of the dice.

Chuck-a-luck and Grand Hazard

The two English originated variants of Sic bo.

  1. Chuck-a-luck: Also called sweet cloth, birdcage, and chuckerluck. There are three dice that are kept inside an object that looks like a birdcage made of wire and rotates around its center. The cage is rotated by the dealer and the dice lands at the bottom. The game was once very popular in casinos of Nevada, however, it is now very uncommon since it is getting superseded by sic bo.
  2. Grand Hazard: Another of the English origin. This game is also performed with three dices. The dices can be tossed with a cup or rotated/rolled down via hazard chute, a chute that contains a set of tilted planes. The shape of it plunges the dices as they drop.

Besides sic bo, there are many other gambling games that are very popular all over Asia such as online baccarat or  บาคาร่าออนไลน์

Eight decks of cards are needed to play บาคาร่าออนไลน์. Following each hand, the decks of cards are re-shuffled. The game is very much related to Blackjack.

Other games like Mahjong, Pachinko, PaiGow Poker, and Keno are very much in fame and they are played in most of the casinos around Asia. If you have to start from somewhere then our suggestion is Mahjong.