Thai lottery tickets always come in a pack of two identical tickets. The six digit number in the ticket is what matters in a lottery. If the numbers on your ticket are the same and in exact order of the winning combination, you will win prizes.

Extra two digits on the ticket

There are two types of lottery tickets. The bottom number is a way to tell what ticket you have. Top prizes are usually like these:

  • All correct = 3 million baht
  • All correct + 2 digit bonus = 20 million baht

Other batches also have the following prizes:

  • All correct = 2 million
  • All correct + 2 digit bonus = 30 million baht

You can apply the same six digit numbers to both main draws. Look at the back of your ticket if you get the exact match. Check if the prize is two million or three million. Another number, a multiplier, gets drawn for each. Let’s say you have the two million paying ticket and the two digit number drawn. You will receive thirty million for that ticket. Since you have two tickets, you win a total of thirty million plus another two million. It goes the same for the ticket that pays three million. You will get two million more if you match the extra number with that part of your ticket. You can also win a consolation prize of fifty thousand baht if you are a number off in either direction. 223453 is one number off from a winning result of 223454 or 223452. You will receive a total of a hundred thousand baht since you have two identical tickets.

Winning and prizes

The remaining draws use the following six-digit numbers and prizes:

Second prize. A hundred thousand baht per ticket. There are five new six-digit numbers drawn for this. If your six-digit number matches any of them then you win.

Third prize. Each ticket is around forty thousand baht. The same as second prize, but for this draw, there are 10 new six-digit numbers to draw.

Fourth prize. It is the same with the first two, but will draw fifty new six-digit numbers. The prize is at twenty thousand baht per ticket.

Fifth prize. At ten thousand baht per ticket, the same goes for this except that it has a hundred new six-digit numbers drawn.

Last three. There are four sets of three numbers drawn. If the last three digits of your six-digit number match any of these four then you win the prize.

Last two. A separate two-digit number gets drawn for a prize of a thousand baht if your last two is a match.

Online lottery is almost as popular as the national lottery. There are various sites where you can try Huay เข้าระบบ. Some people even have the แอ ป หวย. You can try the traditional lottery, and you can also check the online version. Your choice will depend on your preference.