Common terms used in sports betting

Common terms used in sports betting

The most liked betting to the gamblers is sports betting that’s why the online casino operators try to their level best to add new betting options for their players so that the players get more excited about the betting. As most of the players already have some basic knowledge about the sports games they directly start playing happyluke ได้เงินจริงไหม games. For the players who have been playing for a long time, it is easy to understand all the new betting types but the problems occur for the new players as they do not understand the complete terminology of sports betting. Let us understand some terminologies used in sports betting.

  • Accumulator bet: An accumulator bet refers to the type of bet in which many bets are included in one single bet. To win the bet the player has to win all the individual bets included in it.
  • Betting exchange: It is the type of betting in which the gambler does not bet on the bookmaker’s 12bet index but on the other players who are betting.
  • Double betting: It is the same as accumulator betting but the maximum number of bets which can be accumulated is two and the player has to guess both the bets correctly to win the complete bet.
  • Even bet: This is the bet which placed only on even odds. This type of bet is best suited for the players who like to bet on single bets. If the player wins the bets then his wager amount gets doubled.
  • Inplay betting: It is the type of betting where the player can bet on an ongoing match. Like what will be the outcome of the current match etc.
  • Juice: The word juice denotes the commission which a bookmaker takes when any player losses his bet.
  • Martingale: It is the type of strategy which the gambler uses. In this, the gambler will increase the stake value for each new game after losing the previous match.
  • Off the board: Off the board means that the operator has closed the betting on the match which was offered before. The operator does this when they suspect that the match has been already fixed.
  • Scorecast bet: It is similar to an accumulator bat where the player makes two bets. In the first bet, the player will predict which player will make the first goal and the second bet is which team will win in that match. Both the bets have to be predicted correctly to win the bet.


Hope the above-mentioned glossary about sports betting will help you while you play the games.

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